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April 25- May 5, 2024

Thursday-Saturday at 8 pm

Sunday at 2 pm

For reservations call 316-686-1282

$18 Adults, $16 Students/Seniors/Military

Thursday Night Special: $14 All Seats

(sales tax included)

258 N. Fountain, Wichita, KS 67208

Bad Seed
by Maxwell Anderson


Directed by: Mary Tush Green

The Story: The scene is a small Southern town where Colonel and Christine Penmark live with their daughter, Rhoda. On the surface Rhoda is sweet, charming, full of old-fashioned graces, loved by her parents, admired by all her elders. But Rhoda’s mother has an uneasy feeling about her. When one of Rhoda’s schoolmates is mysteriously drowned at a picnic, Mrs. Penmark is alarmed. For the boy who was drowned was the one who had won the penmanship medal that Rhoda felt she deserved.


The Cast: 

Rhoda Penmark - Ali Hogan

Kenneth Penmark - Jake Steward

Christine Penmark - Holland Kiser

Monica Breedlove - Charlene Grinsell

Emory Wages - Lane Stanberry

Leroy Jessup - Eddie Spurlock

Miss Fern - Mary Lou Phipps-Winfrey

Reginald Tasker - Jordan Sickman

Mrs. Daigle - Vonda Newby-Schuster

Mr. Daigle - Dan Schuster

Richard Bravo - Marion Mewhinney

Announcer & Messenger: TBA

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