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Box Office Volunteer

Box Office Volunteer Duties:

  • Be at the theater 45 minutes before the show starts

  • You will greeting the patrons, taking admissions, using the Square system, and handing out programs. The House Manager will instruct you on the use of the Square and have money box ready for your use.  We take cash, checks, and various credit/debit cards.

  • The House Manager will have the Reservation list for you, and you will need to check arrivals against the reservation list. Walk-ins are welcome, as long as we are not Sold Out.  In that case, start a waiting list.  At 5 minutes before show, reservations are released and can process the waiting list. 

  • Admission prices are posted at the theatre and are subject to change.

  • There are those patrons that will be using Comp tickets. Post them in the Square system for recordkeeping. 

  • Each patron gets a program.

  • Leave the cash box for counting by the House Manager.


Volunteers that work the box office get to see the show they work for free!

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