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Snack Bar Volunteer

Snack Bar Volunteer Duties:

  • Be at the theatre 30-45 minutes before the show starts.

  • You will be selling Sodas and Candy at the snack bar in the Lobby, using the Square system. The House Manager will instruct you on the use of the Square and have cash box ready for your use.  We take cash, checks, and various credit/debit cards.

  • Snack item prices are posted at the theatre and are subject to change.

  • Check on the soda/candy inventory and ask House Manager to refill as necessary, especially after the show if sales have been strong.

  • At intermission, you will be manning the snack bar again. Leave the cash box and Square terminal for the House Manager to collect and count.


Volunteers that work the Snack Bar get to see the show they work for free!

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