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Our Auditions

Congratulations on deciding to audition! Here’s how an audition works at Wichita Community Theatre (and at nearly all non-professional theatres in the US). Directors may modify this process slightly, however, it will always be announced in the audition notice if that is the case.


No previous preparation is required for most plays. Musicals and musical revues typically require a prepared song, and sometimes classical works require a prepared monologue. This is rare, though, and it will be announced in the audition notice.


It’s a good idea to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out an audition form. This will include your name, contact information, any previous roles and any rehearsal conflicts. The director will use this to pair up people for scenes. You will not be required to come on both days of auditions, nor are you penalized for doing so. Depending on the number of people at auditions, the director may call you back to audition again at a future date.


The director will set up a few groups of people to go out of the stage area to practice a scene. You typically read through that scene with your selected partner(s) a couple of times, then you come back in and wait your turn.


When your group is up next, you move to the stage area and present the scene. Some actors like to move around the stage while they read. This is not required.


Dress is casual to business casual. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine, or a shirt/blouse and slacks/skirt. You may wear whatever is most comfortable for you.


If you have any specific questions about what the director is looking for (like age ranges, ethnicity, height), you may contact him or her directly.


The director of the show will then contact actors to make an offer of a role in the production.  Usually a time frame of when you might be contacted is announced by the director at the audition.  The time frame to be notified could be a few days depending on if the director has call-back auditions. 


Due to cast size and turn out at auditions and other factors, you may not be offered a role the first time you audition.  Please consider attending another upcoming audition or volunteering off-stage with a current or future production.


As always, thank you very much for volunteering your time to help Wichita Community Theatre be a shining example of active volunteerism in Wichita’s vibrant arts community.

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